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Our Story

Most women stare at their closet for too long in the morning, then throw something on in defeat. We teach women how to put together age-appropriate outfits and wear their worthiness.

What’s your story? We’d love to take a moment and listen to you. Want to know what wear your worthiness means to us? Meet the Worthiness team below and see what we believe.

XOXO, Alison Werder and the Worthiness Team

The Worthiness Team

Alison Werder

Owner of My Midlife Closet & Ali J Boutique & Public Speaker.

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Marketing Director

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Director of Operations

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Creative Director

“I am not the type of girl to just go in and browse, and go shopping for hours, I never have been, but I do like to feel put-together and have things that compliment my body shape and also are my style so that I can feel confident.”

Terri Barret

Age 35, Minnesota

“I finally — for the first time in I don’t know how many years — feel like I can put together a complete outfit! I have just been wearing ‘mom clothes’ for so long and you get into that habit… I was tired of looking at other people and thinking, ‘Oh — she really looks put-together…'”

Amy Signor

Age 43, Florida