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What is My Midlife Closet?

Watch the video below to learn all about our Style program.


How Does Membership Work?

How Does It Work?

1. When the Closet doors are open you can join the family for only $27 a month. (psst… that’s less than a dollar a day)
— Your card will be charged the day of sign up, then every month on that day thereafter  (for example, if you sign up on the 10th, you will be charged that day, and every month following on the 10th of that month)


2. Begin Your Getting Started in MMC Course and Receive Your Special Welcome Box Via Mail

— Keep an eye out for a welcome box in the mail (usually 3 to 5 business days). While you wait for that arrival, we ask every new member to take our Getting Started in MMC class. This course teaches you all about our Style program, gives you an intro to what you’ll learn from us, teaches you how the website and shopping works, etc. Make sure to complete this because you CAN’T shop with us until you have completed this class and have scheduled and completed your Closet Call with your Stylist.


3. Join In On The Facebook Fun!

— Once you have completed your Closet Call, your Stylist will add you to our private Facebook Group (if you prefer getting notifications this way) and will unlock our shopping opportunities for you. And make sure to interact with other members in our community on the website and on Facebook!


4. Shop Away

— You will be notified of new Outfit Collections via the Facebook private group and email. When Collections are released you will be able to shop on the My Midlife Closet website. Just a heads up, items in the collection are first come, first served basis — do not delay! Sizes will go fast. And each collection is only kept live on the site for a few days — so grab the pieces you love while you can. Emerald level members have first access to new collections.


5. Receive your Outfit and wear it with confidence with all the FASHION EDUCATION you now possess!  


6. Make sure to catch our monthly Style education Classes!

— Earn Closet Coins that you can use toward your purchases ALL while learning how to rock trends and other style tips and tricks through our monthly Style education courses.

How Much Does It Cost?

The monthly access to My Midlife Closet is $27. This includes access to your Stylist, online profile, free monthly classes, first access to shop and more. You may unsubscribe at any time.

How is My Midlife Closet Different Than Other Style Programs?

How Is My Midlife Closet Different Than Other Fashion Subscriptions?

First of all, no other style program gives you direct access to a Stylist! You can take a selfie and ask our opinion, ask us if a certain color would look nice on you, have us guide you into a great layering piece to make your outfit pop, etc!  The options are endless!

We believe that women want to know how and why outfits are created. Therefore, along with providing outfit suggestions, we explain the steps we took to create it. At the Emerald membership level, you will be among women from all over the country, who are REAL women, with REAL-LIFE struggles, who are learning to love their shape.

  • We will be available to you. For real. When you contact us on the website’s chat feature, one of our Stylists will get back to you.  If you need some encouragement, we will create a safe place for you to ask others for a hand.
  • We are a no-surprise subscription… What you see is what you get! You can expect the $27 monthly access, and if you choose to purchase a released look, your card will be charged in the moment. There are no non-refundable Stylist fees, hidden charges, or difficult procedures to unsubscribe… ever.
So Are You Like Stitch Fix?

We’re often compared to Stitch Fix. But the answer is no. Here’s why:

— My Midlife Closet is a VIP community where you belong as a member. We have three levels: Ruby, Emerald and Diamond.

— Create a trusted relationship with your Stylist that you can contact directly to ask questions about anything.

— We will never surprise you with your fashion. You get a say in your style and get to pick what you like. We provide guidance and complete outfit ideas based on what flatters your shape.

— You control your budget and shopping cart. There is not an automatic shipment.

— There’s a library full of ongoing style education and VIP access to exclusive content.

— As a member, you have your very own shopping profile where you can house your style inspirations, closet gallery and interact with other members via our variety of forums.

— Members get first access to shop new collections at a discount

— Members have the ability to earn closet coins by taking part of our monthly Style Education courses. This allows them to earn coins that can be used toward clothing purchases.

Can You Explain How Shopping Works?

When Can I Shop?

Members get first access to shop our newest collections (2-3 times a month) at a discount. Emeralds have their own profile where they can save their style inspirations and closet gallery and can interact with the community via our Lifestyle Forums. These members also get the opportunity to earn Closet Coins through our monthly Style education classes and can use their coins on clothing purchases. Plus they have the ability to directly chat with a Stylist to get feedback on style, request custom capsule wardrobes and more

Members must take our Getting Started in MMC course (this course explains everything you need to know about our Style Program, shopping the community and more). You must finish this course and schedule and complete your Closet Call with your Stylist. Then you can shop!

Once completed you will have access to our Must Haves Collection (this collection stays live at all times and includes all of our capsule wardrobe must have pieces). We do about two to three new themed Collections each month. When outfits are released, we plan to have options in both true fruits, apple and pear, and well as a full range of sizes, small to 3XL to shop from. These releases only stay up for a few days and the pieces go fast so be ready to shop! And we give members the opportunity to snag a deal of the day as well!

What Items Will You Send Me?

Only the items you want in your closet! You have a say in your style. We’ve heard that women don’t necessarily want to be surprised in their fashion. Once you complete your Closet Call, your Stylist will already have had a chance to get to know you with your preferences! And we curate outfit collections based on the shape, requests and current trends that fit our members’ tastes.

What Brands Can I Expect?

You can expect quality boutique brands, hand-picked and mixed by our Stylists. We go over and beyond to find the looks that are most desired by you… in your Midlife!

What Sizes Do You Carry?

We currently carry sizes small through 3X. However, based on demand and availability certain sizes may be limited per collection.

When Do You Ship Out?

Our Deal of the Day items ship to you every Friday. As for collection pieces, we try to ship to you in two to three business days. AND we ship to you for FREE!!

What Is Your Style Like?

Go ahead and view our “Sampling of our Style” page to see some of our past collection looks, albums and videos. Click HERE to view.

Common New Member Questions

How Do I Use/What Do I Ask My Stylist?

Here are some things your Stylist wants you to know/feel free to ask about:

  • We understand not all of your clothing is from My Midlife Closet! You can still totally ask how to wear or style any of the pieces in your wardrobe. We are your stylists and are here to help you master your closet.


  • Do you have a special event coming up and need someone to bounce outfit ideas off of? We will help you come up with an awesome plan to take your look to the next level.


  • You are in charge of the sizing options you order. My Midlife Closet members have special access to a profile where they can enter all of their measurements — that way they can have them on hand to compare to each items. We cannot suggest to you proper sizing, because reality is the choice on whether or not you feel good in the piece is on you. Some women like options more fitted and some looser. Once the piece you order arrives in your hands, it now falls on you for your preference. We can’t control how you will feel in the piece. Use your measurements (which appear on your profile) so you can reference those with our sizing chart found on each product.


  • We have Stylist Hours because that way you know when we will be most responsive to you. We are actual people with families and every day activities… (we do sleep too…ha!). If possible get your questions to us within these hours for the fastest response time. You can still contact us during our off hours, but we might not be able to respond as quickly. Our current Stylist hours are: Monday-Friday from 10:00am-4:00pm & Saturday from 10:00am-12:00pm (CST).


  • Ask us anything!! Really! For example, thinking about a new hair style? Send us some options and we will give you our honest opinion! We can’t wait to work with you darling! 🙂


  • And just remember — this is a safe place. We are here to listen to you as you share your story with us. You are worthy. Everything about you. You were created with a purpose and are so valuable in God’s eyes. Wear Your Worthiness and spread that light to others in your life!
How Do You Know What Size I Am?

We carry contemporary sizing, some call it “Misses”. Our items are not Junior sizing boutique clothing (that wouldn’t make sense for your Midlife, now would it??)  We would love to chat with you about what size you would typically be on your initial Closet Call. Plus during our Getting Started in MMC course you will learn how to take your own measurements and be able to enter them into your profile to reference when shopping. You can compare your measurements to each product’s size chart to see if it’s the right fit for you.

**We cannot guarantee that the size you purchase will be the fit you prefer. Some gals like items more fitted, and others like a bit more room. Please understand as Stylists we will do our very best to guide you in the right direction, when asked and will provide as much detail in the product description as we can**

Do I Need to Join the Private Facebook Group?

If you prefer getting notifications this way, then join the private Facebook Group. Here you will be notified the Deal of the Day and get all of the latest updates. If you don’t have Facebook — don’t worry — we still send out collection and membership info via email.

What if I have difficulty choosing an outfit?

We Stylists love helping our members and would be thrilled to help you choose something that would be fitting for your style preference. As a member to My Midlife Closet, you will have access to our Stylist chat and private Facebook community where you can post questions and get style advice.

Can I share my opinion about what I would like to see in the next collections?

Of course you can! Actually…. We’d love to know what our customers would like to see in the next month’s Outfit Collection release. Let us know via Stylist chat, post on the Private My Midlife Closet Facebook page or send us an email!

How do returns work?

With each MMC delivery we will include a simple returns sheet (not applicable on Deal of the Day items, as these are final sale).

Our exchange policy allows for exchanges (postmarked) within 14 days of purchase if the item is still available. Because items will have limited quantities, exchange may not always be possible. If necessary, we will issue Closet Credit to be used for future purchases.

If you need to complete a return follow the steps below.

Your Actions:
1. Circle the item you would like to return on your original order Invoice

2. Write on the invoice your reason for return

3. Package up the piece and include the invoice- feel free to reuse the original packaging!

4. Your package must be postmarked within 14 days of the original order, so be sure to double check that.

5. Cut off the bottom portion of this page and tape it to the return package

6. Ship it off!

Our Actions at MMC:
1.We will process the return within 2 business days of receiving it back

2. We will issue you a Closet Credit code to your email. Save this email!

3. You may use this code (enter it into the Coupon Code field at checkout) to take that amount off your next purchase. If your purchase is less than your code amount, you can use the rest at a later date.

Didn’t receive a Simple Returns sheet? Print yours off HERE.

What is Closet Credit and how does it work?

Closet Credit is store credit — we will provide it to you in the event of a return or exchange we aren’t able to match. It will be issued in the form of a coupon code that will be unique to you and sent via email. It can only be used towards shopping events. It’s not applicable towards monthly membership.

How do I redeem a gift card?

We currently do not have gift cards through the My Midlife Closet, however we are working towards that feature.

When will my credit card be charged?

Your credit card will be charged your monthly fee for Ruby, Emerald or Diamond membership when you subscribe, and every month you will see that charge corresponding to the date the initial subscription was created. For example, if you sign up on the 10th of the month, your card will be charged at sign up, and then on the 10th of the month the following months. If you choose to purchase items from our new outfit release collections, you will be charged when your items are shipped out.

Can I cancel my access?

You can cancel your access to My Midlife Closet at any time by clicking into your account,  once there, you click “Unscubscribe” under My Memberships….My Midlife Closet.  You can re-join the program when the Closet Doors open once again — but remember, you may be put at the end of the waiting list to join again.

My Midlife Closet & Ali J Boutique

What is the difference between Ali J Boutique and My Midlife Closet?

Ali J Boutique is the women’s boutique that founded My Midlife Closet as a style program. Over the years te team at Ali J’s has found that many ladies love being styled, but simply do not have the time or don’t care to put outfits together. These ladies often know the look they are going for, but would like help in putting it together and having it shipped right to their door.  Plus, they wanted to create a community for women across the Nation to come together and lift each other up as they discover their true worthiness.

You may see the Ali J Boutique name come across on our tags or on your credit card statement from purchases. Ali J is the parent company to Midlife Closet so we cross functions on some of our platforms.

We always love it when our members visit us in person to shop Ali J Boutique in New London, Minnesota too. Please let us know if you are going to stop by because we would love to all greet you as a team!