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Have You Ever Felt this Way Before?

Do you maybe buy two items like a shirt and a matching pant BUT you only wear them together and have no idea what else to wear them with?

Have you ever bought a dress for a special event, but when the time came to put it on, you defaulted back to your “old standby” and that new dress just sits there collecting dust?

Would you ONLY wear black boots with a black top and black purse? (You would never disobey the Style gods and mix your neutrals — gasp!)

Keep reading…

That’s Why We Created My Midlife Closet

We were tired of hearing women struggle with fashion. After years of seeing women battle with their bodies, the dressing room their closet — we’ve decided that enough is enough. You are worthy. You are enough just as you are. 

You can own your style and actually feel stylish & on-trend. What will you gain through My Midlife Closet?

– Eliminate the terrified feeling you get walking into a new boutique or store. You can navigate any shopping opportunity after you learn how to dress for your shape. Never walk into a dressing room — only to walk out because nothing fit like you thought it would again.

– Expand your fashion knowledge. Stop getting the same old thing over and over again from the online style service you tried. The first box was great. But the ones that followed were disappointing. Get variety and shop on-trend, boutique pieces specifically for women in their 30s and 40s.

– Discover that your size is out there. We carry sizes small through 3xL and we work really hard to source high quality, stylish items for every size .

– Quit listening to the media tell you you’re too old, heavy, skinny, young, etc to be stylish or wear certain pieces. You are worthy and that is our mission here to teach women to #WearYourWorthiness.

If you relate to any thing we are saying above — you are speaking the same language as the majority of our members in My Midlife Closet.

And just like our members, you can take the leap to own this time of your life and rock it with style and confidence!

Why Midlife?

Ladies — we believe style in your midlife is confusing. You are trying to look put together and poised when life is in the “messy middle”. It may hit in your Thirties, or even into late Forties**…. It’s when you stop and ask yourself, “Where did I go? How did I lose my ability to create a decent outfit?”

Whether the cause of the messy middle is a busy career, Mommin’, or that midlife moment of thinking, “there must be more than this”, one thing is for sure: it’s real.

We call it as it is: messy.

HOWEVER, it can also be a time to discover a new sense of style, put your desires as priority, and become the on-trend woman you know is hiding somewhere under the uniform for work or baggy sweatshirt at home. We’ve seen it happen time and again, and we would love to watch you transform as well.

It’s time to become become the woman in your circle others refer to as “the girlfriend with good taste.” Own your Midlife Style.

**Yes, we said 30’s-40’s. If you would say your midlife is in your 60’s, we admire your optimism that you will live to be 125. Wink wink. It’s really a range- not an exact number.

Thankfully, all of that is behind you…

 My Midlife Closet is your essential resource for the current trends, style advice, style support and must-have clothing collections you NEED to create and rock your personal style.


Your VIP Membership enables you to:

~ Build a closet of your dreams that can be mixed and matched in new ways — so you’ll never feel like you have nothing to wear

~ Gain confidence in your style and wardrobe.

~ Shop the most on-trend, boutique clothing at 20% off

~ Finally understand how to wear the current trends

~ Tap into the knowledge of your very own Stylist through chat

~ Join the community of women just like you who are sharing their stories, fashion tips and life events

~ Create your very own style profile to save fashion inspirations

And much, much more…

Amy: Mom Clothes To Fashionista

“Finally, for the first time in I don’t know how many years, I feel like I can put together a complete outfit. I’ve been wearing mom clothes for so long, I was tired of looking at other people thinking, ‘Oh gosh, she really looks put together’ and thinking, ‘there is nothing in my closet that can make me feel put together.’ But now there is.” – Amy, Florida


Katie: Taking the Guesswork Out of Every Day Outfits

“When I go shopping I have a hard time finding sizes appropriate for me. I’m petite. I’m only  4’10. The clothing I find is a little too mature for me or a little too young. I don’t want to dress like my Grandma, but I don’t want to dress like a middle schooler either. But MMC has really helped, they put together some great outfits. And the styles are appropriate — no matter what your age. It’s a unique shopping experience.”  – Katie, Minnesota


Here’s A Summary Of What You Get From MMC

My Midlife Closet: your ultimate Style site. Dive into our deep library of style tips and tricks. We’ve got videos, blogs and quizzes that teach you how to dress for your body, discover why you shop the way you do, and give you the how-to guide to easily mix and match the items in your closet.


Style Guide: Our library of blogs, videos and inspiration that provide advice on all aspects of style and motivation.


Shopping: Find unique, boutique collections released weekly for a limited amount of time.


Inspiring Community: Share your story, get inspired and learn with other members just like yourself. You’ll love this uplifting community!

Terri: Found a Safe Place to Talk About Fashion

 “It’s a safe space for all members to talk about  fashion or how they want to wear different  accessories and put clothes together. The ladies that  post on there are so warm and welcoming.  There is no judgement. Everybody is uplifting and  absolutely fantastic. They’ve helped me realize my  style with my shape and the colors that i like. I feel  so confident now.”  – Terri, Minnesota


Take a Look Inside My Midlife Closet

Our VIP members get to view our newest collection video so they can plan which looks they want to grab first! Check out one of our most recent collections — Autumn Spice!


Win the dressing room battle. Learn how to pick the right pieces and understand why they work for you.

Never question if the colors you are wearing clash — because you know what does and doesn’t.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is My Midlife Closet VIP Membership Pricing?

My Midlife Closet’s monthly access is $27. This includes first dibs for all collections with shopping at a 20% off discount. Plus VIP members also get three free custom clothing requests per year.

Why Are The Collections Limited Time Only?

You want unique clothing styles and want to see the current trends, so that’s why we offer limited quantities and collections of each item. That way you can grab what you love and know it’s unique!


“Friends: if anyone has trouble shopping for clothing because of timing or any other reason, check out My Midlife Closet. This outfit (except the scarf) came from there with more pieces to come. Best decision I’ve made in a long time.”

Gretchen, Ohio

Join the My Midlife Closet today! We’d love to be your style experts and keep you on-trend with the latest boutique styles!

Free Membership

  • Shop Boutique Clothing at Retail Price
  • $5 Shipping/ Free over $100 spent
  • Shop the Leftovers
  • Lookbook Video and Mix-n-Match PDF per Collection
  • Chat with a Stylist feature
  • “Wow Colors for your Skin Tone” Guide
  • Ask a Stylist: Custom Outfit Requests
  • Access to Style Class tickets
  • Open Shopping Community
  • Profile to save your fashion wants