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Why Do You Shop the Way You Do?

Have you ever wondered why you either love or sorta hate shopping? Our style quadrant theory (we know it sounds nerdy — but we promise it will make sense) could add some clarity to your habits/feelings/mentality towards buying clothing.

The reason you shop the way you do is based off of two things — capability and enjoyment. And where you fall on the capability/enjoyment quadrant determines your style tendency.

NO style tendency is right or wrong! You are unique. And by discovering and understanding your style capability and enjoyment levels, you finally can make sense of it all.

Watch my explanation of the Style quadrant and the four style tendencies {True Stylist, Stylist Wannabe, Stylist in Disguise and Stylist — Nope Don’t Wannabe} below.


Where Do You Think You Fall On The Style Quadrant?

So here are some questions to ask yourself: Do you enjoy shopping or is it just something you have to check off your list? Do you easily put together outfits? Or do you like seeing outfits put together, but aren’t sure how to do it on your own?

True Stylist: You have high enjoyment and high capability when it comes to shopping and styling. You love it and easily put together outfits! When you buy a new piece you’re already planning how to incorporate it with all the pieces you already own in your closet. Your brain is a closet rolodex. You also are the go-to source for your friends and family for fashion advice.

Stylist Wannabe: You have high enjoyment, but low capability when it comes to style. You like shopping and fashion a lot. However, all you know is: You like it when you see it. You are not the best at pulling together a knock-out outfit on your own. That’s the very reason you love seeing the mannequin styles at your favorite boutiques and shops — you just wonder how the stylists pulled the entire look together… Your eye is always on new trends, but you need a few tips and tricks to pull it off yourself with confidence.

Stylist In Disguise: You have low enjoyment, but high capability when it comes to outfits and shopping. Pulling together a killer look is second nature to you, but that doesn’t mean you really enjoy shopping or like putting together outfits. Shopping is a task to check off your list, not something you want to spend a lot of your free time doing. You are good at it, but it doesn’t drive you.

Stylist — Don’t Wannabe: You have low enjoyment and low capability when it comes to style. You aren’t that excited about shopping and you already have a look you are content with — it might even be jeans and a t-shirt. And that’s OK. You don’t really know how to put together a complete stylish outfit, but that look is just not “you” anyways.

Want to know your place on the Style Quadrant for sure?

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